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West Coast Tea Trail company 2014

Inspired by a roadtrip, a guide to west coast traditional Chinese & psychedelic teahouses.

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CPM vs. CPC vs CPA: Why you shouldn’t care and why you should.

By: David Pricco     There are several ways that companies pay to advertise online. The most common are: CPM (cost  per thousand impressions, m being the roman numeral for 1000) CPC (cost per click) CPA (cost per action, where action usually means a sale)…

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Santa Barbara Startups & Tech Companies

This is a list of Santa Barbara tech companies and startups that I originally put together as a reference for myself, and then later expanded to provide as a resource to the UCSB Technology Management Program, which I am a graduate of. As such, it makes special…

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Entreprenurial Travel

Reposted from my old blog. Originally published: Wednesday, September 3, 2009 My Story for 2009: Lessons learned from a year living and working as a business consultant in Vietnam. I’m coming back to California after working in Vietnam as a business consultant for the…read more

Hippies and absurd water bottle marketing.

Copied from my old blog. Originally published: Thursday, February 19, 2009 ———————————————– People are often confused or offended when I use the word hippie. Some people either think the term is derogatory, or they think that hippies…

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Posters For Humans

Independent Business 2005 – 2009

While we were in college, my good friend Ian and I decided to start our own art licensing and poster business in the summer of 2005. Annoyed by always seeing the same old cliched posters up on our friends walls, our mission was to empower independent artists and provide interesting new posters to the retail market. It was also very important for us to treat artists fairly. Our artists retained the copyright to their art, and earned a 50% royalty on all profits made from selling or licensing their designs.

We did it all. We built an entire business from scratch, finding artists, licensing and commissioning pieces, scanning originals, having physical posters printed, managing inventory, retailing posters through our website, processing credit cards, shipping, vending on our college campus, at concerts, art fairs, and though local businesses, accounting, and finally trying our best to convince major poster publishers license our collection of art to sell through their much larger channels.

We worked on it for four years, but in the end we never were quite able to make the business profitable, so eventually we shut it down. But we did learn a lot. I like to think of it as a mini-MBA. Big thanks to everyone who supported us, especially our artists!

The Retail site is still online for posterity:

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