David Pricco

I specialize in finance and online marketing. Originally, I studied Business Economics and High Tech Entrepreneurship at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Now I work with retailers, startups, and web media publishers, by helping them to manage their user and customer acquisition channels.

Work History

2012 – 2014

Strategic Account Manager & Network Development



Coull is a performance based online video ad network based in Bristol, UK. We provide a platform for video publishers to monetize their content by including product links right in their videos, and for advertisers to achieve greater distribution to new engaged audiences. Coull acquired RevUpNet, my previous company, in Spring 2012. My role at Coull is a continuation of my role at RevUpNet; managing performance marketing campaigns for some of our top accounts, as well as doing network and business development for our video network. The campaigns I manage drive over $5mil in tracked online sales for my advertisers annually, and much more in brand exposure.

Learn more at: http://www.coull.com/

2010 – 2012

Affiliate Program Manager


RevUpNet is an online advertising agency based in Santa Barbara, California,acquired by Coull in 2012. We specialize in performance marketing campaigns, acting as a certified agency partner for Commission Junction, Impact Radius, Google Affiliate Network, and Google Adwords. I specialized in running affiliate campaigns for consumer product and business-to-business software advertisers. Learn more at: http://www.revupnet.com/


Staff Strategic Consultant



While living in Hanoi, I was hired as an on-staff consultant by Thang Long Securities, the brokerage and financial services arm of the Military Bank of Vietnam.At Thang Long Securities I worked in a team to create a new consulting and special research division called the Financial Institutions Group. Together we crafted specialized market and equities research for partnered investment funds, in addition to several internal projects to bring the firm up to international best practices. We also established a strong presence for Thang Long Securities in the Vietnamese international business community, which boosted the image and reputation of our firm, as well as gave our new division access to many specialized partners for collaboration on consulting projects.

After some initial success we were able to expand our consulting team to eight people. The Financial Institutions Group is currently still operating as a division of Thang Long Securities and executing contracts in the private and public sector.


Co-Founder Nitride Solutions


Nitride Solutions was founded in the spring of 2008 by myself, Troy Baker, Bruce Allen, and Muriel Taylor. Using a proprietary growth technique developed by Dr. Shuji Nakamura at the Nitride Crystal Growth Laboratory at UCSB we are able to grow the world’s highest quality Aluminum Nitride Substrates. These will be used in the manufacturing of Ultra Violet LEDs and other optoelectronic semiconductor devices. Our breakthrough process technology will enable UV LEDs to have ten-x increase in efficiency and lifetime, further expanding the fast growing multi-billion dollar solid state lighting industry. Our venture won first place in the National Collegiate Venture Forum S.E.E.D competition in March 2008, the first ever win for a University of California team. We then won the two top nitride_solutions_team

prizes and $15,000 at UCSB’s College of Engineering New Venture Competition.  Nitride Solutions has raised $2.5mil in Series A funding. In 2009 the IP we developed was acquired by a partner which still operates today under the Nitride Solutions name. Nitride Solutions Website: www.NitrideSolutions.com An article about us in Semiconductor Today: Semiconductor-Today.com/news_items/2008/JUNE/NITRIDE_130608.htm An article about Nitride Solution’s Series A funding in LEDs Magazine LEDsMagazine.com/news/9/2/21 A Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7q8HZjSomEc of my presentation at the UCSB New Venture Competition. Skip 16 min into the video to see the Nitride Solutions part.


Business Planning Consultant

In 2008 I was hired as a consultant by CCRD, the Center for Community Health Research and Development in Vietnam, to help them write their business/strategic plan to present to their investors for their next round of funding.

The plan included:

  • executive summary
  • introduction
  • history of the organization
  • mission and vision
  • market analysis
  • industry analysis
  • development strategy
  • marketing plan
  • financial plan
  • challenges and alternatives
  • an ongoing plan for reviewing progress and updating strategy

The plan was success and CCRD secured their funding.


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