Nitride Solutions was founded in the spring of 2008 by myself, Troy Baker, Bruce Allen, and Muriel Taylor. Using a proprietary growth technique developed by Dr. Shuji Nakamura at the Nitride Crystal Growth Laboratory at UCSB we are able to grow the world’s highest quality Aluminum Nitride Substrates. These will be used in the manufacturing of Ultra Violet LEDs and other optoelectronic semiconductor devices. Our breakthrough process technology will enable UV LEDs to have ten-x increase in efficiency and lifetime, further expanding the fast growing multi-billion dollar solid state lighting industry.

Our venture won first place in the National Collegiate Venture Forum S.E.E.D competition in March 2008, the first ever win for a University of California team. We then won the two top prizes and $15,000 at UCSB’s College of Engineering New Venture Competition.

Nitride Solutions has raised $2.5mil in Series A funding. In 2009 the IP we developed was acquired by a partner which still operates today under the Nitride Solutions name.

Nitride Solutions Website:

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A Video —><— of my presentation at the UCSB New Venture Competition.
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